4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer can make or break one of the most amazing days of your life. For this reason, it is important to do your research to find the right Toronto wedding photographer for your big day. There are so many things to consider when selecting someone to capture the once in a lifetime moments you will be experiencing. There are four things to consider when beginning your search for the perfect photographer.

1. Style
All photographers have different styles. Do you want your photos to be light and airy? Dark and mysterious? Timeless? Find a style that fits you and your fiancé’s personalities and the venue. The best way to do this is look on your venue’s social media. Find pictures and styles that you love, then do some research on those photographers! You can also contact the venue manager to see what wedding photographers they think shoot the venue best or who they suggest.

2. Personality
The only person you spend more time with on your wedding day than your new hubby is your photographer. He or she will be with you while you’re getting ready, during the awkward family photos and up close and personal with you during those intimate moments with your husband after saying “I do.” Selecting a Toronto wedding photographer that has a personality you mesh with is so important.

3. Packages
Photographers offer many different types of packages. Some come with videography, an extra photographer or complementary engagement sessions. They can even make custom packages just for you! Make a list of all the things you want from your photographer. The list could include the number of hours they will be shooting, bridal portraits on a different day, electronic copies/rights to print and anything else you can think of. Take this list with you when you meet with potential photographers and select the photographer and package that makes your day exactly what you want it to be.

4. Splurge
Photographers are expensive, but SO worth it. SPLURGE! The moments they capture are irreplaceable and one of the only tangible things you will have from the best day of your life 10 years from now. When creating your wedding budget, try to allot at least 10% of it to photography. You will be glad you did.

This is your day, choose a wedding photographer that will give you everything YOU want.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

While bachelor parties are a tradition dating back to the 1800s, bachelorette parties have become popular only recently. Bachelorette parties seem to be more about the bride-to-be bonding with women friends than the male tradition of enjoying a final night of freedom before marriage.

A New Tradition

Some brides choose a night of frivolity, such as male exotic dancers and lots of alcohol, much like the groom’s bachelor party. But the majority of women opt for other activities. The theme of most bachelorette parties is to tease the bride in a fun way, while sharing a memorable evening with her best friends.

The Nightclub Scene

This is 1 of the most popular bachelorette activities. Parties often start with dinner at an elegant restaurant, followed by drinks and dancing at popular nightclubs. Hiring a limousine to drive everyone together from destination to destination is a great idea. First, it allows all the women to travel together and party in transit. Second, it adds a touch of class to the evening. And perhaps the best reason is to ensure that everyone arrives safely at their destinations.

The women in the bachelorette party will often create a veil for the bride to wear on that night. The style of the veil isn’t important, so long as it is conspicuous and calls a great deal of attention to the bride. It’s also typical for this type of party to send the bride on a scavenger hunt. The other women get together ahead of time to create a list of activities for the bride to accomplish or objects to find. This type of bachelorette party is a great way for the bride to enjoy a night of dinner, dancing, drinks and fun with her best friends.

Retreat To A Spa

Spa retreats have become quite popular as bachelorette party ideas. The bride-to-be and her friends get together at a spa to enjoy relaxing massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and other treatments. A steam room, sauna and/or hot tub adds an extra element of relaxation.

Some spas provide great meals from a selection of healthy dishes. This type of bachelorette party lets the bride relax and connect with her friends while leaving behind the stress of planning a wedding. Many brides get so caught up in the details of wedding planning that they forget to enjoy the wedding. A spa retreat bachelorette party is a great solution.

Exotic Dance Lessons

A little more risque, but lots of fun, is exotic dancing lessons. These parties are becoming more common now that pole dancing classes are beginning to spring up in health clubs. For these parties the women gather at a private home or a dance studio, and a professional dancer comes in to teach them the art of exotic dance. This can be a great way for friends to let loose and have fun.

Night Of Feature Films

Another unique bachelorette party idea is for the maid of honor to host a movie night. The hostess rents plenty of movies to select from, and stocks up on movie theater style goodies or creates a menu of hors d’oeuvres. This could be the bride’s last chance to sit around with her friends watching “chick flicks” for a good long while. This is a fun, safe, and relaxing way for the women to get together to talk and have a good time.

Female Bonding

Although a new phenomenon, the bachelorette party is quickly catching on. It does not have the same feel as a bachelor party — instead of a last night of freedom, it a night to bond with women friends.